Bonding with Creation

As soon as the sun peeked its rays, this little boy was awake ready to enjoy the day. The temperature outside was cool, neither too cold nor hot, was the perfect day to bond with nature and explore its simplicity.


I heard a knock on my door and a tiny voice exclaiming:

– Mami, mami, vamos!


He usually speaks Spanish more than English; I try to speak Spanish all the time with him, this way he’ll never lose my native language.

This boy has always been curious, and exploring is one of his pastimes. He loves running and the feeling of being free, but yet for its age, I have noticed he is very cautious, especially with his little brother, which is very different, they are both totally oppose.


While Marco love plays with plastic bottles of water and DVD boxes, Luca love blocks, cars, and trucks, lol. But there is one thing they have in common, both love music, and they sing.


Exploring was part of today’s journey. Luca was observing everything and wondering if there were any bear he will see around (also, as child, he don’t have idea about it) lol


We should teach our children to appreciate nature.

There are many ways we can show them this like making the food itself something natural, which comes directly from the earth. Enjoying the weather outside and doing some exercising like breathing deeply.


The cold and the wind, even the dry leaves from the trees beneath our feet, it’s all a blessing and, by showing a thankful heart, we all can feel happiness.





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Married to a genius, mom of two cheese boys, lover of nature, specially of thunder and rain. Love to write memories and keep them forever in my heart.

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