Open arms: A symbol of Faith and Gratitude


While 2015 was a year of many blessings as well, it was full of challenges and experiences that made us strong in the storm. It took me almost an hour to get to the Fall cascade, it was a narrow and slippery road, and I was holding my one-year-old child in my arms. The fog began to take place in an environment of high humidity where the leaves of the trees could let the drops of rain fall on my sweater. These details only could make me feel grateful. Myself immersed in nature, and the experience of bond with the earth, opened my soul to believe that the best was yet to come.

So, when finally we arrived at the Cascade I feel I was ready to receive the beauty of the days to come, I open my heart bravely to received all the blessings from the Creator, and His grace one more time in my life.

I surrendered myself in prayer and silently but at the same time expressing with my body out loud, I gave thanks. That 31st of December was one of my best end of years. I was breathing pure air and feeling myself empowered by someone bigger than me, someone that will carry all my fears and sadness, someone that will never forsake me, someone that forever will have His arms OPEN for me, as a child when running to the arms of a father.



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Married to a genius, mom of two cheese boys, lover of nature, specially of thunder and rain. Love to write memories and keep them forever in my heart.

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