Summer, nice to see you again!


Summer is an exciting season for many of us. When thinking about summer we use to see coloring bathing suits, white maxi dresses, men leather sandals and also scandalous sunglasses! You grabbed the idea, isn’t? Is not hard to imagine the perfect summer!


But also with the freestyle that brings us this season, we have to be cautious when is about sunbathing which it can turn into a negative experience if we don’t take care. As a mom passing the first year of my thirty, I try to do everything possible to hide from the sun.

From age thirty the skin begins to age naturally because cell regeneration is reduced, the production of collagen and steroid hormones such as estrogen. This can cause the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes, especially if we don’t have healthy habits such as diet including antioxidants, but also influence smoking, alcohol consumption and lack of sleep.

Along with our care, we must also protect the skin of our children. Is essential every day of the year, however, in summer, extreme caution it is essential to avoid serious burns. It is worth mentioning that, the pale and freckled skin are those most at risk.


This season our children need a lot of hydration because they are constantly in motion, causing them to receive much heat, especially in the head if they are doing outdoor activities. Give them liquid in small quantities but frequently, it is vital, as also avoiding prolonged sun exposure. I only take them to the beach between the 5 and 6 pm hours, but if is in the morning, only from 8 to 9:30 am, especially here in Florida.

I love usingย  Mustela Broad SPF 50+ mineral sunscreen stick for babies. Glides on smoothly and blends in easily. Perfect for touch-ups over the lotion on high exposure areas (nose, neck, ears). So, Luca and Marco 3yr and 1yr old beach babies have never been burned!


Sharing some summer fav!

Luca’s Short Sleeve Rashguard: Janie and Jack , Similar ( here)

Marco’s swim boxer: Zara

Marco’s Captain Hook Hat: Great Pretenders

Swimsuit: Ted Baker Sold Out, similar and new model 2016 (here)

Old Muscle tee: Pink from Victorias’s Secret, Similar (here)

Cutoff Denim Shorts: Levi’sยฎ

Floppy Straw Hat: Phase 3, Similar (here) 40% Off !

Hubby shorts: Ben Sherman, Similar ( here)

Happy and Safe Summer!!

Di ๐Ÿ™‚



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