The Look Up of a Child

–  What are these eyes seeing up?


–  Do they see love, kindness, admiration, integrity, and identity?

These questions crushed my mind after a little talk and kisses night with my 19 months old boy.

As a mother of two boys I’m always running a lot of things at the same time, cooking, watching over them, thinking about the next place for them to visit, and of course, still changing diapers! But I never take the time to think what are my kids looking up at me when I talk or correct them when I just open my arms and bow down to take them in my arms.

With this journey full of adventurous and filled with many special moments I have experienced a lot of pure love and unconditional kindness. I have learned that boys love their mommies so much and the way they love it is just awesome even if you correct them, and her tears flood their faces, they feel something really big inside them and run to you so that you embrace them.


Children are very smart, and you will be surprised in the way they notice things. They are always looking up and ready to see what’s your next move. They can notice when you are in a good mood when you are happy, sad, frustrated, or sick. They can be playing and be entertaining with their toys but at the same time, if you use to be close to them, they will turn their look on you and see what are you doing.

So, I have promised myself to be a better mom every day for them, a mom that reflects love, compassion, and kindness each time they look up at me.

Sometimes we tend to confuse the meaning of punishment with discipline. I have notice that my children crave limits, which help them understand and manage an often confusing world. So, I always try to show my love by setting boundaries so they can explore and discover their passions safely. Also, I have noticed how they can’t learn too many rules without turning off completely. So, I have learned that instead arguing about little stuff like fashion choices and occasional potty language I rather focus on the things that really matter -that means no hitting, rude talk, or lying.


Another lesson I have learned is giving them a chance to find their own solutions (especially with my almost four years old).  When you tenderly acknowledge a child’s minor frustrations without immediately rushing in to save them, you teach them self-confidence and resilience.

Last, teach your children always to look up and to notice the color of a person’s eyes. Teaching them to make eye contact will help them appear more confident ( especially a shy child) and will help any kid to be more confident and less likely to be hand-picked.

But above everything, always remember this: “Every child is a blessing, but no child is the center of the universe. So, teach them accordingly”.

Look Up

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Married to a genius, mom of two cheese boys, lover of nature, specially of thunder and rain. Love to write memories and keep them forever in my heart.

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