Who I am?

I would like to introduce myself; I’m Diana, mother of two little boys, a white and dark chocolate, (yes, literally they are) and wife of a genius and funny guy. I finally started my first blog after almost a year of thinking about it. I would say that the force that drove me to start a blog was the ignite desire of sharing my meaningful journey from the moment I become a mom. Through these three years and six months of being a mom, I have learned many lessons and acquire some experiences that I won’t never change a day since then. These are the experiences and moments that I would love to share with all the ones who love to read and find something interesting in my meaningful journey not only as a mom but as a woman, as a friend, and as a wife. I hope you enjoy my writings, and may together become a difference in this world.

Also, as my blog name shows it, I love sunflowers since I was a little girl, I just feel that they bright my day, and maybe they don’t look as delicate as other flowers but they look strong enough to reflect the courage we all need sometimes to conquer the challenges in life.

… and sincerely I would love to see you here in the next coming years, also if you have any advice about how to start a blog, it’s more than welcome! I’m like a newborn right now! πŸ™‚